Carl Dingus

Senior pastor

Carl attended public school through elementary and junior high then attended Mayking Christian School through his high school years. The Lord began to work in Carl’s heart at the age of 10 as He began to show him his own sinfulness. He was exposed to the gospel his whole life, and placed his trust in Christ at the persuasion of his father after church on a Sunday night. 

Being a pastor’s kid, Carl had seen hypocrisy within the church, and at an early age, the Lord put a desire in his heart to pursue “authentic” Christianity. This pursuit for answers to his own life and answers for others led Carl to want to have a clearer understanding of the Word of God. The Lord gave him the opportunity to go to Appalachian Bible College where he was exposed to a systematic approach to studying Scripture. This began a lifelong love and pursuit of God’s Word. Later, the Lord gave Carl the opportunity to attend The Master’s Seminary, which further deepened his understanding of God’s Word.

Carl’s ministry experience includes nursing home ministry, children’s ministry, a short-term missions trip to Spain, and serving with the Gospel Heralds during his time at Appalachian Bible College. After graduation, Carl was a youth pastor at Bethel Memorial Church in Princeton, IN for six years. He established Capitol Ministries in Pennsylvania, and evangelized and discipled elected officials for eight years after finishing seminary. During their time in Pennsylvania, Carl was also involved in his local church teaching and preaching, as well as speaking at area church services and missions conferences. 

Carl has also had the opportunity to do formal one-on-one discipleship with various men through the years. He has a deep desire to help men to become strong spiritual leaders for their families. Carl enjoys hiking, biking and camping with his family, and spends much of his spare time reading good books and reading and studying the Scriptures. 


Dave Alderman

finacial Advisor

Christ came into Dave's life at the age of 15 and he has been attending Daniels Bible Church since the age of five. After attending Beckley College (Mt. State University) and Concord College (Concord University), he attended Appalachian Bible College evening classes for several years. 

Dave married his High School Sweetheart and God has blessed the Alderman’s with two girls, one boy and four grandchildren. He has served for 10 years are our Financial Advisor.



Cyndi moss

Office Admin & Custodian

Cyndi Moss Office Administrator/Custodian Cyndi has been attending Daniels Bible Church with her family since she was a little girl. At the age of 9 she saw her sinfulness and realized she was in need of a Savior. 

During High School Cyndi's walk with the Lord struggled, but was always aware that she was not obeying the Word of God. In 1997 she married Randy and three years later she repented of her disobedience and started focusing more on Christ than on the world. 

Cyndi has been working for Daniels Bible Church for 13 years as a custodian and now serves the role as office administrator. 

Cyndi has a son (Trevor) and a daughter (Jaydn). 



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