Wednesday Night Speaker: Justin Noethlich (August 30th)

Supper Club: This session will run September - December. Please visit the sign-up table for more information.

Small Groups: It's time to start organizing for Small Groups beginning this September. More information in Sunday's Bulletin.

Adult Education: The new quarter will start on September 3rd. Classes to choose from: 1. The Book Of James 2. Ecclesiology 3. Biblical Financial Principals. Click on the "Ministries" icon on the home page for class descriptions. 

Annual Fall Kick-Off: September 6th at 6 p.m. More information in Sunday's Bulletin. 

Church-Wide Teacher Training: August 26th, Connie Winters & Tim Wise will be hosting a class called, "A Teacher Come From God". Visit the sign-up table in the foyer for more information.

Financial Report: June Financial Reports are available in the foyer.

3rd Annual Samaritans Purse Gift Project: The Keen Agers are requesting donations for the Gift Project. Money collected will provide life sustaining resources to third world countries. Please feel free to visit 

Rent-A-Teen: Do you have a project that has you wishing you had extra hands? Rent-A-Teen and stop wishing. Teens are great for projects like cleaning, yard work, baby sitting, dog walking, painting, tutoring, background music, etc. Contact Justin today for answers to any of your questions.