At Daniels Bible Church we take seriously the command of Christ to make disciples from Matthew 28:19-20. As Christ goes on to explain in that passage that this is done through, "teaching them what so ever I have commanded you." The church then has a mandate to teach and train new and mature believers, so that they can in turn make disciples or teach and train others.

Adult education

The Adult Education hour is a time in which we focus on as Paul puts it, "equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry." (Eph. 4:11) We have a four-year cycle of classes in which we attempt to take the principle of God's Word and work them into our daily lives. Each quarter we offer two classes. In one class we study one of the 66 books of the Bible or a Bible overview of the Old or New Testament. Another will be a theology class in which we look, in depth, at a particular doctrine of Scripture. In the final class we offer a practical Christian living class as well, in which we deal with practical Chirtsians issues. Over a four-year period these forty-eight distinct classes provide the foundation for training up disciple makers. 

March - May Class offerings

Sunday mornings 9:45am-10:45AM

Science & The Bible - Joey Beckett

Science is one of the biggest influences in our society today. It shapes our worldview and many times our daily decisions. But sometimes science can be troubling for Christians who are trying to hold to the integrity of the Bible. How do Christian scientists handle the apparent contradictions of the Bible? In this class we will discuss those apparent contradictions between Bible & science.

The Great Prayers of Scripture - Tim Wise

Does public prayer terrify you? Do you feel that your prayers are deficient? Do you long for a deeper and more meaningful prayer life with your heavenly Father? If you answer yes to the above, or if you just enjoy basking in the warmth of biblical truth whenever you can get it, then join us as we explore the great prayers of Scripture and study what the Bible itself teaches us about how to pray.

Thanatology (The Study of Death) - Paul Bailey

Death is certain. We will all face it. As believers we are assured of life after death, but what about the dying process? Have you ever thought of death from a biblical standpoint? Is death to be feared? What about the ethical issues concerning death? What about the needs of the terminally ill? How do you see yourself finishing life? Will you end well? This class will address some of these issues and more.