At Daniels Bible Church we take seriously the command of Christ to make disciples from Matthew 28:19-20. As Christ goes on to explain in that passage that this is done through, "teaching them what so ever I have commanded you." The church then has a mandate to teach and train new and mature believers, so that they can in turn make disciples or teach and train others.

Adult Sunday School:

Biblical Geography

   Imagine your favorite story without any references to the places in which it is set. What is Frodo's journey to destroy the ring without the Shire and Mount Doom?  How could Loenidas' 300 Spartans hold the million-man army of Xerxes, and why was the Alamo such a memorable last stand?  Why were the Three Little Pigs safe in the end of the story, but not in the beginning or the middle?

   From The Three Little Pigs to epic literary classics, from the stone age to the space race, whether history or fiction, setting adds an irreplaceable dimension to our understanding. Yet, when we read the Bible, many of us do not take the time to understand the places in which the inspired narratives took place.

   Come join us on Sunday mornings for a study of Bible Geography, and deepen your understanding of redemptive history by learning about the places where biblical history happened.

   Class Lead By: Associate Pastor Justin Noethlich