At Daniels Bible Church we take seriously the command of Christ to make disciples from Matthew 28:19-20. As Christ goes on to explain in that passage that this is done through, "teaching them what so ever I have commanded you." The church then has a mandate to teach and train new and mature believers, so that they can in turn make disciples or teach and train others.


The Philosophy behind Small Groups:

The main goal of small groups is to come alongside each other to help our brother and sister in Christ become more like Christ. These small groups will be: God-centered, Christ-centered, and Gospel-centered groups. Within that we want to produce "BodyLife." BodyLife is putting the "one-anothers" into action. At Daniels Bible Church believe in strong teaching of God's Word. Whether that is through our Adult Education hour, Worship Service or Wednesday Nights, but when it comes to small groups our goal is to produce unity with one another. 

2022 Small Groups

Starting in January '22 we will be offering the following adult small groups:

Love and Respect  hosted by Clifton Laws

Taking God At His Word  hosted by Dave Harvey

*Bible study (tbd) hosted by Pastor Carl Dingus

*if you have not yet signed up for a small group due to scheduling conflicts, please see one of the group leaders with a day that may work better for you.